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Equipment Hire

Motorola DP1400 Two-way Radios

Two way radios are the quickest and easiest way to communicate across an event site. They save time and money and make all the difference in emergency or other time sensitive situations.

Whether you are using radios a few times a year or on a one-off situation, we can provide you with top quality Motorola Radio Communications at a price to suit your budget and time scale. Our hire periods can be tailored to suit your needs. Our radios are all fully licenced, so the frequencies the radios run on are registered, protected and safe to use. 

Moving across an event site, Motorola’s radios are connecting more people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work. Information is instantaneous. Decision-making becomes easier. Safety gets stronger. Productivity increases. Service improves, and everyone is satisfied. Simple but efficient, the DP1400 portable two-way analogue radio connects your team efficiently. The DP1400 is perfect for the everyday user who wants to stay connected and has superior audio quality, outstanding coverage, long-lasting battery life and more.

£6 per radio (short term event hire)

Strong Plastic Folding Banqueting Tables

£8 per table (2 day hire) or,
£10 per table (week hire)

Sturdy Plastic Chairs

Ideal for outdoor events. The feet don’t spike into the ground.

£5 per chair (2 day hire) or,
£7 per chair (week hire)

Honda EU220i Generators

Excell-Events have top of the range Honda generators, the market-leaders in low-noise and low-weight compact style portable power. Honda’s generators are quiet, light, compact, robust, and provide superb efficiency and reliability. Generators and power are an essential for any event and ours provide a 2200w Power supply. With inverter technology they generate the most stable power supply possible making the Honda EU220i generator ideal for using with sensitive equipment like computers and other electronics.

Honda EU220i – Best Features:

  • Inverter technology: the cleanest, most stable power supply – ideal for sensitive applications like powering electronics.
  • Easy transport and storage: this portable Honda generator has a light weight of just 21.1kg and a compact ‘suitcase’ design with an ergonomic handle
  • Super-quiet operation: an advanced exhaust muffler system and sound-proof casing drastically reduce the operational noise of this Honda inverter generator
  • Reduced emissions: the EU22i is one of the cleanest generators on the market and one of the first in its class to meet the stringent Euro5 Emissions test – ensuring exhaust gasses are at a minimum
  • Honda 4-stroke engine: extremely reliable and fuel-efficient for reduced maintenance costs and fewer fill-ups
  • Eco-Throttle technology: the engine automatically adjusts its speed to match the load for increased efficiency – saves fuel, extends the engine life and reduces noise levels!
  • Oil-Alert technology: this Honda 2.2kW generator automatically shuts down when there’s not enough engine oil present to avoid any damage
  • Always starts with ease: the recoil starter mechanism is light and smooth with automatic decompression for an easy start every time


Is the generator safe to run my computer and other sensitive equipment?

YES! The Honda EU220i is the most modern and up to date generator of its type on the market.

The power levels of standard generators and other power sources often fluctuate. For lighting and other simple applications, this isn’t a problem – they may flicker, but will return to normal straight away. However, if this happens when you’re powering a computer, it will likely shut down and may even suffer permanent damage caused by the power surge.

The Honda EU220i with inverter technology features a unique micro-processor which ‘smoothes’ the power output to deliver clean power with a pure sine wave form. This flattens all power spikes and makes the power levels super-stable, allowing you to use this range to safely power computers and other sensitive electronics without the risk of damage.

£80 per generator (day hire)

PA Unit

Our PA Unit is unique, it is a complete public-address system on wheels. The PA Trailer has  4 horn-type loudspeakers that can be angled to suit the specific location. In the unit there is a battery or mains -powered amplifier, a microphone with a long lead for announcer mobility,  and iPod/phone input. A wireless hand-held radio microphone can be hired at additional cost. All of this equipment is self-contained in a weatherproof storage compartment.

There are plug sockets in the unit which also run off the batteries and the generator. Suitable and safe for use with computers and other sensitive electrical equipment. This enables a variety of electrical equipment to be run efficiently and effectively from the unit. 

There is a small double sink unit in the trailer with running cold water. The sinks are in the worksurface and contained within strong cupboards, ideal for storage. 

The front of the unit opens up with a canopy to shelter your customers. Windows on the other two sides give a good base for viewing the event site.

This system is ideal for any medium-sized outdoor event but we are aiming the business at the agricultural and equestrian market specifically.

This trailer will be delivered and set up onsite.

£180 (day hire) or,
£220 (2 day/weekend hire) or,
£260 (week hire)

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