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ADDRESS: Birley Cottage Farm, Cutthorpe, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S42 7AY

Jump Hire

Our Jump Hire

Some thirty years ago when I was competing on ponies, working hunter courses were just that… a test of horse and rider to test their suitability for jumping across country on a days hunting and looking after its jockey. Today the courses are visually far simpler but technically more challenging, until you reach Championship Show level then you will be asking your pony to jump things they’ve never seen in their life before!!

My first love is building an interesting old fashioned course where the jump itself, i.e. what it was built out of, how it was dressed with greenery, or animals or flowers, was the panicle of the course not how big the fences were. 

Over the years I have gathered a vast array of items to dress courses to make them a bit more interesting to jump and indeed watch the horses and riders jump. So whilst I do have wooden wings available, I am predominantly hiring out the “Twiddly Bits” to improve your own courses. You can hire them personally to add to your course at home for a couple of days, or for a society event or show. 

Some would be suitable for use for mini xc type fences.

Rates are specific to the items you wish to hire and how much you need and if you are going to course build yourself or if you need us to do it for you. 

Please call or email for further details and a price. 

Working Hunter “Twiddly Bits” Hire 

We have an extensive range of interesting and fun items to develop and improve your own working hunter course. 

  • Water troughs of various sizes 
  • Floating lifelike decoy ducks
  • Birch rails
  • Wooden Hurdles for making a lane or pen
  • Flowers, Logs
  • Tiny garden chairs 
  • Giant gnomes, sheep and other animals