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ADDRESS: Birley Cottage Farm, Cutthorpe, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S42 7AY

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

1. GENERAL The acceptance of our quotation shall be deemed to include the acceptance of the following Terms & Conditions.

 2. VALIDITY Unless the quotation is withdrawn, the quoted price is valid for 30 days only. All the equipment is available at the time of quotation and is only booked upon receipt of written confirmation of booking and payment in full unless otherwise specified. 

3. AVAILABILITY All equipment is offered subject to availability; Excell-Events reserves the right to substitute alternative but equivalent items where necessary. 

4. CONTINUATION OF HIRE All equipment is to be returned/collected on or before the collection date specified in the contract; if any equipment is not returned for any reason then additional hire charges will accrue until it is returned to our address in good order. A charge will be made for the repair or replacement of any broken or lost equipment. 

5. CANCELLATION A charge of 25% of the contract price is charged if the contract is cancelled after acceptance, except where:

 • less than 30 days’ notice is given from delivery date whereupon 35% of the contract price is charged, or 

• less than 14 days’ notice is given from delivery date whereupon 50% of the contract price including radios will be charged, or

 • less than 7 days’ notice is given from delivery date whereupon 75% of the contract price including radios will be charged, or

 • notice is given on or after delivery date or no notice is given, whereupon the full contract price on all allocated equipment including radios will be charged. 

6. FORCE MAJEURE Excell-Events will use its best reasonable endeavours to fulfil its obligations under this agreement but excludes liability for consequential losses arising from non-fulfilment where this is caused by events beyond its control, including but not limited to loss of profits, business revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings. 

7. INSURANCE The hirer shall indemnify Excell-Events against all damage to or loss of the equipment once the equipment has been delivered to the hirer and then until the equipment is collected or once the hirer has collected the equipment and then until it is returned. 

8. PAYMENT  is strictly PayPal via the website or cash/cheque upon collection, unless prior arrangements have been made. Cheques may be accepted as long as cleared funds are received prior to collection. Any order below the value of £500 will be required to be paid for in full in advance. Subject to the discretion of Excell-Events, a deposit may be required upon collection of equipment against loss/damage, and this will be fully refundable upon the return in good order of the equipment. Proof of identity may be required. 

9. INTEREST  is charged on unpaid accounts from 28 days after date of invoice at a rate of 7% above Handelsbanken quoted current base rate. 

10. ACCEPTANCE The acceptance of our quotation must be accompanied by sufficient information to enable us to proceed with the order. Failing this, we are at liberty to amend the tender price to compensate for any increase in cost resulting from such failure on the part of the hirer. 

11. EXTRA COST In the event of suspension of work by your instructions or the failure to supply adequate instructions at any stage, the contract price shall be altered to cover any additional expenditures incurred by Excell-Events in consequence thereof. 

12. COPYRIGHT The hirer must be responsible for obtaining the appropriate licences for the playing of any recordings on Excell-Events equipment. We can advise on these matters. 

13. NOISE ABATEMENT ACT 1960 It is an offence to cause or to permit loudspeakers to be used in a public place outdoors between the hours of 9pm and 8am for any purpose other than emergencies, and at any time for the purposes of advertising any entertainment, trade or business. 

14. FAULTS Should any equipment hired develop a fault or not function as required, it is necessary to contact our office immediately upon discovery so arrangements can be made for replacement or service. If we are not contacted at the time of discovery we will be unable to offer a refund. 

15. RADIOS The hire of Excell-Events radios is subject to the following conditions of use. Failure to observe the conditions can result in the seizure of the hired equipment for which the hirer is liable:

 • The use of private mobile radio systems is licensed for business use only and conversations must be kept strictly to business.

 • The hirer shall ensure that the equipment is operated by authorised persons only and the users are aware of these conditions. Unauthorised persons, where possible, should be prevented from obtaining access to the equipment.

 • All equipment must only be operated on the frequencies detailed at the time of hire. 

• The transmission of music or radio programmes, gambling or the use of obscene or offensive language are all expressly forbidden. 

• Prior to transmission, the user shall listen in to ensure that the channel is not already in use. Never interrupt another user on the channel except in case of emergency which, for this purpose, is construed as a matter of life and death. 

• All licences and services are authorised on the condition of non interference to other users and the Department of Trade and Industry reserves the right to terminate any licence or service that causes undue interference.

 • The user shall permit any person authorised by Ofcom to have access to the equipment at any time for the purpose of its inspection and testing. Use of the equipment shall be suspended forthwith at any time on the demand of a person acting under the authority of Ofcom, or restricted forthwith in the manner specified by such person. 

• The placing of labels on radios is strictly forbidden; any cleaning needed will be charged for. Suitable labels are available on request. 

16.PA / CONTROL UNIT  Under no circumstances are labels/signs to be stuck to the interior or exterior of the unit. Any damage to the unit or the equipment supplied in it will be charged for. 

17. JUMP HIRE  All jumps will be supplied as agreed. Any damage will be charged for. This may be repair of replacement of the item and all costs incurred to replace or repair

18. FUEL POLICY Generators are supplied without fuel unless requested, at an additional charge. They are all unleaded fuel. DO NOT mix fuel with any oil in the fuel tank of the generator.